We Can't Make This Spit Up

Petites Frites Burp Cloths, Teethers, and Bibs

petites frites baby accessories!

When you’re 60 years old and have reflux, the doctor prescribes Nexium. When you’re 60 days old and have reflux, you puke.

If trails of spit-up follow you wherever you go, keep things tidy with Petites Frites burp cloths and bibs.

These wonders are more than just your average mess-catchers. Made from a blend of organic cotton and lyocell (a sustainable textile), the custom combo is highly absorbent and quick to dry. Plus, the double-sided knit, in primary colors and earth tones, feels plush to the touch — be it baby’s chin or your shoulder.

Teether blankies are made from the same thirsty material and embellished with natural maple wood rings and hand-crocheted shapes for safe gnawing and excessive drooling.

And that doesn’t bite.

Available online at petitesfrites.com, $12-$84.

Photo: Courtesy of Petites Frites

this week in miami!

Gooey Gobs and Squishy Stuff

What: Drop by for free hands-on activities with mushy materials.
Why: If there’s one thing she’s good at, it’s making a mess.
When: Fri., 10:30-11:15 a.m. & 11:30 a.m.-12:15 p.m.
Where: Schoolhouse Children’s Museum & Learning Center, 129 E. Ocean Ave., Boynton Beach (561-742-6780). Museum admission, adults, $5; children, $4; under 1, free. Pre-registration recommended.

Coconut Grove Arts Festival

What: Check out work from hundreds of artists, listen to live shows, and stop for a snack at the Global Food Village.
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Where: S. Bayshore Dr., b/t McFarlane Rd. & Pan American Dr., Coconut Grove. Info at 305-447-0401. Tickets online at tickets.completeticketsolutions.com. Adults and teens, $10; Coconut Grove residents in the 33133 zip code, $5; under 13, seniors, and veterans, free.

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Coconut Grove Arts Festival
S Bayshore Dr
@ McFarlane Rd
Miami, FL 33133
Schoolhouse Children's Museum & Learning Center
129 E Ocean Ave
Boynton Beach, FL 33435
280 Miracle Mile
Miami, FL 33134