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Invite Friends Over for Tavolo's Pasta Classes

The Party's at Your Place

tavolo in-home pasta classes!

Condition: Shut-In-Itis
Causes: Wind chills, snow-free ski trails, February.
Symptoms: Excessive pj wear, microwave popcorn dinners, disproportionate investment in The Bachelor outcome.
Prescription: An instructive house call from one of Tavolo’s preeminent pasta doctors.

Let the healing begin: Schedule an afternoon feast for your carb-loving buds (fifteen max). You’ll get recommended wine pairings so you can stock up in advance (we trust you can crawl off your couch).

On the day of, Tavolo owner Chris Douglass or chef de cuisine Nuno Alves arrives with ingredients and tools to whip up a restorative smorgasbord.

For two hours, Douglass or Alves will noodle around your kitchen, showing guests how to make tummy-warming dishes like squid ink linguine or Bolognese-topped gnocchi. If you crave a more decadent curative like lobster fra diavolo, they’ll happily oblige for a little extra dough.

You’ll also get recipes to prevent future relapses.

Prognosis: A very full recovery.

To hire their services, call 617-822-1918. Cost starts at $60 per person.

Photo: Ursula Alter / Getty Images