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Two Cookin' Sisters Make Farm-Fresh Preserves

Sister Act

two cookin' sisters!

Things can get pretty icy between sisters (see: borrowed vs. stolen).

For a warm, fuzzy tale, look no further than Kim Robinson and Kristi Robinson-Rensberger, founders of Two Cookin’ Sisters.

Inspired by their rural upbringing (think 4-H clubs and garden-to-table meals), the Indiana natives pair fresh produce with throwback recipes for their line of home-style pantry staples.

Living up to its tagline (“It’s loud and bossy”), Big Sister Salsa has sweet bell pepper undertones and a fiery jalapeno kick. Pair it with tangy corn relish and black beans to give tired nachos a new lease on life. Seasonal jams run the gamut from classic (blackberry, spiced peach) to creative: Carrot cake, a mix of pear, pineapple, carrot, and spice, delivers that beloved taste without the glut.

Sweet dill pickles pay homage to Granny with a generations-old recipe.

Feel the love.

Available at Chicago’s Downtown Farmstand, 66 East Randolph Street, between Michigan and Wabash Avenues (312-742-8419 or explorechicago.org); online at bigsistersalsa.com, $5-$8.

Photo: Courtesy of Two Cookin’ Sisters

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