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blair carothers catering!

You worship Food Network, but your results pale in comparison. (It’s okay. No one’s lemons are that yellow.)

For a real-life lesson, feast your eyes on Chicago native Blair Carothers.

The Kendall-certified chef creates rustic spreads for cocktail hours, dinner parties, and showers, and teaches cooking classes to infuse the takeout generation with kitchen confidence.

Carothers’s food is pure gourmet comfort (think Ina Garten without the catchphrases): cheese biscuits, salmon cakes with herb mayo, Caesar crostini, smoked honey peppercorn salmon, grilled peach salsa. She excels at cobblers, crisps, and pies (how bad can that be?).

She’s also a naturally gifted teacher. Grab a group of friends and get schooled on techniques and answers to all your burning questions; she caters classes to your liking and sends you home with recipes, too.

The best part? She’s not remotely controlling.

Blair Carothers Catering (847-921-3964 or bccaters@gmail.com).

Photo: Courtesy of Blair Carothers