Leggings for President

Polkadot What Girls' Leggings

polkadot what girls leggings!

Ask a room full of grown women how they feel about leggings, and you’ll hear a lot of opinions. Never with flats. Not as pants. Make sure your lady bits are covered.

But preschool girls have no such rules. They just wear them — every day.

Which is why we’re certain your little will love Polkadot What leggings. The new online shop lets your sidekick (with your assistance) customize mix-and-match leggings. Choose graphic elements for each leg (hearts, stars, triangles, circles); we promise, no combo looks bad.

The act of creating the cotton/spandex clothing is meant to help teach girls to express themselves and embrace their own unique qualities. And the company donates $1 from every purchase to The Lunchbox Fund, an organization that provides meals to South African children.

How do you like leggings now, mom?

Available online at polkadotwhat.com, $32.

Photo: Courtesy of Polkadot What