Meow Meow Tweet Skin Care

Organic soaps and body products

meow meow tweet soap!

Two things you should know about us: First, good clean fun is our forte. Second, we’re a sucker for anything involving cats (especially Maru videos).

Brilliantly combining the two is Meow Meow Tweet liquid soaps and body products.

The small-batch Brooklyn company wins us over with quirky packaging (see: the stamped feline logo) and all-natural ingredients we can actually pronounce (olive and coconut oils, organic herbs).

Low-lather liquid castile soaps pull double duty: A tea tree-rosemary blend acts as a body wash and antidandruff shampoo; eucalyptus lavender soothes irritated skin and nerves alike; cedar sage cleans while improving skin tone, thanks to a subtle kick of tangerine.

Deodorant creams are light-smelling, effective mixes of tea tree, lavender, and jojoba oils; coriander and cornmeal body scrubs and carrot seed oil serums are pure enough to eat.

Though we suggest sticking to people food.

So you can has cheezburger.

Available online at meowmeowtweet.com, $15.

Photo: Courtesy of Meow Meow Tweet