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Supper Sack Meal Plans and Groceries

It's in the Bag

supper sack!

Fill in the blank: _______________. It’s what’s for dinner.

If you selected potato chips, old bagel, or instant ramen, we’d like to replace it — and anything that might resemble last week’s Thai takeout — with Supper Sack.

A grocery delivery service with the heart of a CSA, Supper Sack throws together the best of what’s organic and in season at the farmers market and adds to it a mix of meats, cheeses, grains, and pantry accoutrements, so you have the supplies to execute a variety of dishes at home (no excuses).

Check the website for a rundown of that week’s ingredients along with suggested nightly meals. To up the chances a head of broccoli ends up on your plate (not dying a slow death in your fridge’s bottom drawer), recipes are included with delivery.

All you have to do is follow the instructions word for word.

Available online at suppersack.com, three-meal sack, $119; five-meal sack, $169.

Photo: Digital Vision / Getty Images