Pubslush Press Makes You the Publisher

Discover the Next Great American Novel

girl reading!

Unless you’re a Real Housewife, getting a book published is harder than writing it. (Reading lines — er, reacting naturally — is hard, y’all.)

A novel idea that beats the fame game is Pubslush, a new Kickstarter-esque social publishing platform that lets people submit, endorse, and fund fiction and nonfiction works based on excerpts.

Forget sappy confessionals: Next great American memoirs include Janna Leyde’s He Never Liked Cake, which tells her story of relearning to love her father after a traumatic brain injury changed his character, and Bethany Parks’s Flipping Chairs, a tale wrought with wry humor of time spent in Kenya and triumph over breast cancer.

Tomes need 1,000 supporters to be published, and you get charged only if that goal is met. Embracing the one-for-one trend (a la Toms and Warby Parker), Pubslush donates a book to a child in need for every one sold.

Bravo to that.

Show your support online at pubslush.com.

Photo: Tim Robberts / Getty Images