Maidenform Fat Free Dressing Leggings

The Best Stretchy Pants in the World

fat free dressing leggings!

Once leggings-as-pants is on the table, Uggs, peekaboo love handles, and sorority-style uptalk can’t be far behind.

A more attractive side dish? Fat Free Dressing stretch pants.

Despite their less-than-appealing name, non-indie-designer status, and the fact that we traced them to (gasp) a national department store, we stand by their magic. (Full disclosure: They inspired a 30-message-long email chain of devotion here at DailyCandy HQ.)

Supple, no-organ-squishing bottoms smooth, lift, and tighten stems and bums without leaving telltale angry red lines in their wake. Slightly shiny fabric is thick enough to conceal nether regions.

They’re ideal cardio and yoga wear, but they also stretch down to the ankles for pairing with street sneakers or boat shoes. Seriously, no judgment: You can get away with wearing them as pants in broad daylight.

You’ll want a second helping.

Available at Maidenform stores; online at jcpenney.com, $25. To find a store, go to maidenform.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Maidenform