Set Your Table with Huddleson Linens

A Cure for the Mealtime Doldrums

huddleson linens!

Chair: Table, you’ve been showing a lot of leg lately.

Table: It’s shameful. My owners have no sense of propriety.

C: They should outfit you in Huddleson Linens, the new L.A.-based textile line by The Rug Company alum/right proper Brit Tim Gledhill.

T: Will I look woefully old-fashioned?

C: Hardly. The refreshingly modern, digitally printed designs (each a reproduction of an original painting) set the table for the 21st century. Take flight with Lovebirds and its colorful chickadees or fade to black with the stark, Rothko-esque Moreton. Each piece in the ever-growing collection of tablecloths, runners, place mats, and napkins can be customized for size and color, so you’ll always be dressed for success.

T: But linen makes me chafe.

C: Gledhill uses only the finest fabric from a Masters of Linen-accredited mill in Northern Italy. And it’s as low maintenance as it is high quality (read: machine washable).

T: Finally, no more naked lunch.

Available online at huddlesonlinens.com, $30-$535.

Photo: Courtesy of Huddleson Linens