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Frog n Snail Is Très Bien

Crepes, pastries, French fare, and more

frog n snail!

Lakeview’s new eatery, Frog n Snail, is named after a fairy tale.
Well, a nursery rhyme, to be precise (it has to do with sugar and spice).
Dale Levitski of Top Chef fame promises to bring his game.

The space is natural, light, and Zen; a cafe up front (with Wi-Fi) — and then,
A crepe station turns out airy delights, pistachio-strawberry-rhubarb sounds just right.

In back is where you’ll eat your lunch (dinner, too, we have a hunch).
The food is French with American twists, flecks of Europe; you get the gist.

Early birds will go for joe, fresh-baked pastries, tarts aglow,
Midday diners won’t disdain hefty sandwiches (they’re insane),
Salads topped with salmon and steak, entrees like sweet pea risotto cake,
Beef Stroganoff and bouillabaisse, crème brulee — you’ll stuff your face.

Lunch starts today, dinner on Wed., so we’ve cooked up something to spin your heads,
Like Frog on Facebook — be the first — for a table for six (can you be coerced?).
On opening night at 6 on the dot, show your pals you’re a big shot.

Frog n Snail, 3124 North Broadway Street, at Briar Place (773-661-9166). The first DailyCandy reader to like Frog on Facebook gets a table for six on opening night, April 4.

Photo: Plush Studios / Getty Images

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