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Squarebar Launches

Soy-, Gluten-, and Dairy-Free Snacks


To: National Nutrition Bar Coalition
Cc: Calorie Monitors Anonymous, Hell-No-GMOs Alliance
Subject: Squarebar Launches

This is a courtesy email to inform you that Squarebars are now available. You may experience a decline in sales coupled with customer dissatisfaction. Get over it.

Sarah Crawford and Andrew Gordon’s bars satisfy with a healthy balance of protein, sugar, and fat from whole ingredients like coconut nectar, brown rice, and real chocolate (rather than environmentally unfriendly, oily wannabes).

Crawford’s busy lifestyle led to snacking on less-than-stellar bars that aggravated her asthma. In an effort to avoid inflammatory ingredients, the couple formulates non-GMO, USDA-certified organic bars that are also soy, gluten, and dairy free.

Three chocolate-covered flavors satisfy at 200 calories or less with at least eleven grams of protein. Organic brown rice crisps lend Crunch texture, get a dose of electrolytes from popular Coconut, or go nuts for Almond’s cinnamon spice.

They’re the best — bar none.

Available at Rainbow Grocery, 1745 Folsom Street, at 13th Street, $3; bulk orders, available online at abesmarket.com, $36 for twelve. Meet the founders and try the bars Sunday, 3 to 7 p.m., at Rainbow Grocery. For more information, go to squarebar.com.

Photo: Aubrie Pick for DailyCandy

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