Pop Physique Comes to Polk

L.A.'s Butt School lands in SF

pop physique opens!

Good news for your fanny: L.A.-based Pop Physique brings Butt School to SF with ballet-based exercises, taller-by-the-second stretches, and light weight work set to badass playlists.

Every minute challenges your willpower, so we’re breaking it down by the numbers, because, after all, that’s what counts.

60: minutes of participatory torture (your future ass is worth it).
12: minutes in and you’re overcome by the shakes.
5: seconds later, your instructor urges you to “go toward the shake.”
550: potential calories to burn.
2: studios.
38: leg lifts — thankfully, not one more.
1: wall of windows overlooking serene greenery, at which you will gaze to distract yourself.
7: instructors, with varying backgrounds, from personal training to ballet.
51: classes per week.
2: sessions before you stop in front of the mirror and marvel at your newly sculpted abs.

Make it count.

Pop Physique, 2424 Polk Street, between Union and Filbert Streets (415-776-4678 or popphysique.com). Sign up for a class online at mindbodyonline.com, $20 each; packages, $95-$1,700; new clients get one month of classes for $100.

Photo: Aubrie Pick for DailyCandy

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2424 Polk St
bt Union & Filbert Sts
San Francisco, CA 94109