American Hipster Launches on YouTube

Tune in for documentaries, movie reviews, and grandmas

american hipster!

Hipsters: alternative, indifferent, sardonic.

And now, the ultimate irony — TV stars.

YouTube’s just-launched American Hipster, created by local creative studio Seedwell, broadcasts three shows that simultaneously debunk and propagate stereotypes of our favorite fixie riders.

Follow host Paavo Steinkamp on American Hipster Presents as he navigates the country in search of hipsters who are outstanding in their fields, starting with our own Bon Vivants.

Today’s episode highlights local Instagram photographer Bex Finch and the wonderful world of Photobooth. Max Movie Reviews (hosted by Maximus, the talking hipster baby) and Hipster Grandmas (two old ladies discussing the latest in pop culture, celebrities, and current events) round out weekly programming.

Don’t knock it before you watch it. The production quality is fantastic, and hilarious parody videos (Eat It, Don’t Tweet It) are surprisingly relatable.

It’s not trash TV … more like ’stache TV.

Tune in online at youtube.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Seedwell