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JugoFresh Juice Bar

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Serpent: Hey, Eve, how about another apple?

Eve: Er, no thanks. That didn’t go over so well last time. I’ve moved on to something less toxic — detoxifying, actually.

S: Do tell.

E: A new Miami Beach spot called JugoFresh. Owner and self-proclaimed juice sommelier Matthew Sherman tailors cleanses to meet specific needs (Open for Life for beginners, Jugotarian for pros, and Undefeated Athlete for active lifestylists). Imagine six juices a day ($65 to $75 per day) in flavors like El Green-Go, Gogi Lemonade, and Mylk Shake.

S: What’s in the stuff?

E: Raw, organic ingredients transformed via cold-press juicer (Ashram, for example, contains grapefruit, lemon water, turmeric, cayenne, and honey). A la carte shots, packaged in glass bottles and adorned with “drink me” tags, also help you through the day.

S: How do I get started?

E: Head in, call, or email info@jugofresh.com at least four days before your cleanse, then pick up your juices the night before or morning of your fast.

S: Sounds tempting.

JugoFresh, 1935 West Avenue, entrance on 20th Street, suite 102, Miami Beach (786-472-2838 or jugofresh.com).

Photo: Ginger Harris for DailyCandy

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