Jetworthy Jewelry Service

The best thing to hit baubles since the gum ball machine


Instruction Manual

Since you have your DVR down (sort of), here’s an easy how-to on using Jetworthy, a new on-demand jewelry-borrowing service that purports to be the “Netflix of accessories.”

1. Select a monthly plan. The more you spend, the pricier the pieces you can choose from become.

2. Decide whether you want edgy looks (Gemma Redux bracelets, Noir scorpion rings) or investment labels (Kenneth Jay Lane baubles, Lulu Frost jeweled bibs), all sanitized and given minor repairs if necessary before being sent to the next customer.

3. Check your mailbox for a ship-safe package with paid return postage. Wear the new-to-you stunner to your heart’s content.

4. Send it back to get your next pick.

5. Wait for founder Fatima Khan to expand into watches, belts, sunglasses, and clutches in the months to come.

6. Get reeled in all over again.

Available online at jetworthy.com, $32-$52 per month.

Photo: Courtesy of Jetworthy