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The deli guys have your bagel ready before you walk in, and the waitstaff at your neighborhood haunt sends holiday cards.

Shake up your routine with Underground Eats.

What started as a one-off specialty dinner in Brooklyn is now a full-fledged site for finding one-night culinary curiosities, pop-up palate pleasers, and experimental feasts. In addition to hosting its own events, the site tracks down and collaborates with existing supper clubs, restaurants, and chefs to up the eating ante.

This Saturday there’s a seven-course re-creation of the last meal eaten by Titanic’s first-class passengers (100 years to the date). Later in April, learn to make killer kimchi or go to camp with heavyweights like Floyd Cardoz, Jean-Georges Vongerichten, and Dan Kluger.

The takeover of a Top Chef contestant’s casa for an intimate dinner or brunch can even be arranged.

Events are for members only, but since you read DailyCandy, you’re in if you sign up by Saturday.

That habit we suggest you keep.

Available online at ugeats.com.

Photo: Kristine Foley / Getty Images