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Vigilant Eats Organic Superfood Cups

Remix your breakfast routine

vigilant eats superfood cups!

Any good coach will tell you oat-based, gluten-free gruel (sans soy, dairy, coloring, and processed sugar, of course) constitutes the breakfast of champions.

Very sad champions.

Well, get off the sidelines. Vigilant Eats organic superfood cereal cups may be packed with oats, but they’re anything but granola: Each portable container brims with insanely good for you natural additives (yacon powder, cacao nibs, goji berries, coconut palm sugar, and maple powder).

And they taste good. Really good.

Simply peel back the top, snap open the plastic spoon, and blend with a splash of water or milk. (We suggest cold H2O, since each carton gets a generous dusting of hemp milk powder.) Tear into one in the a.m. or fuel up preworkout to prevent a spin class pass out.

This stuff was made to go the distance.

Available online at greenpolkadotbox.com, $3.50. For more information and store locations, go to vigilant-eats.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Vigilant Eats