Webb Jewelry Launches

Baubles that spin us right round

webb jewelry!

A transcript found among E.B. White’s personal papers

Wilbur: What message are you weaving today, Charlotte?

Charlotte: “Choker Hold.”

W: Snouts bad. But what does it mean?

C: Artist/designer Cally Robertson entices with her new jewelry collection, Webb. Sourcing an array of materials (velvet cord, copper and brass tubing, cotton rope), she makes statement necklaces and chokers that really get spidey senses tingling.

W: They sound like go-to accessories for a night of swining and dining.

C: They jazz up your daytime wardrobe, too. Dainty chain pendants, bracelets, and stud earrings are also part of Robertson’s repertoire.

W: All you need is a (sugar) daddy longlegs to pick up the bill.

C: Not at all. These baubles are affordable. Besides, our mates aren’t meal tickets … just meals.

Available online at webbwebb.us, $23-$130.

Photo: Courtesy of Webb