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Easy Indian Meals from Kaveli

Cook like a pro in minutes

kaveli foods!

You’re in a love/hate relationship with your Indian takeout joint.

Saag paneer’s disappointing, chicken tikka’s unfaithful, and masala’s straight-up nasty.

Kaveli treats you right. Elizabeth Chawla’s Wisconsin-based line of traditional Northern Indian mixes is ideal for amateur cooks with refined palates and food fiends pressed for time.

Chawla spent years developing each concoction with help from Vijay, her Indian mother-in-law. Favorites like kali daal, rice Palau, and naan come straight from Vijay’s archive of hand-measured recipes.

Each pouch is packed with hard-to-find ingredients (black cardamom, Indian bay leaves, mango powder, garam masala), resulting in multiple layers of taste. Despite the complex flavor profiles, all you need to add are pantry staples (water, oil, butter, onion) to make yourself a killer meal.

Sounds like a sure thing.

Available online at kavelifoods.com, $11-$19.

Photo: Courtesy of Kaveli