Tag, You're It

Undercover Tape handles a sensitive issue

undercover tape!

If one kid’s shirt tag is your kid’s hot button, then let Undercover Tape cool things down.

Designed to mask seams, tags, labels, and other fashion irritants, the self-adhesive strips are made from a soft, hypoallergenic, and latex-free tape.

Gone are the days of cutting out the offenders and getting holes. Each pack comes with fifteen Band-Aid-like stickers that temporarily attach to clothing without damaging fabric. Simply snip a piece of the stickum to size and gently adhere over the culprit. Strips can withstand anywhere from one to five wash/dry cycles and handle the Sharpie (hello, camp-ready initials).

We tried the wonder on a tag that usually sends our Sensitive Sally into a fit, and she didn’t complain all day.

In other words, the kid chilled.

Available online at mimilounge.com, $12.

Photo: Janelle Jones / DailyCandy