String Up a Kim Baise Mobile

Make mobile home-based art a permanent fixture

kim baise mobiles!

We secretly love wicker dining room sets, wall swags, and porcelain figurines; safe to say, we have plenty of hang-ups when it comes to decorating.

Add artist Kim Baise’s mobiles to the list.

Joinery owner Angela Silva first spotted the NYU grad’s handiwork while scouring Etsy and eBay for finishing touches on her Williamsburg shop.

Austere wood, string, and papier-mache creations were a perfect fit for Silva, but endless shopper inquiries (ahem) led to retail pieces strung with painted twig pyramids, geometric shapes, and mini homes.

The hanging art is quirky as hell, but that’s exactly why you’ll love it. Baise will even make custom motifs via her Etsy site if the Wild West, fruit, or music strikes closer to home.

That’s our kind of upwardly mobile.

Available at Joinery, 263 South First Street, at Havemeyer Street, Williamsburg (347-889-6164); at etsy.com, $90-$119.

Photos: Courtesy of Joinery

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263 S 1st St
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