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Ryu Opens in Meatpacking

Hiya, izakaya


We’ve always known the Fatty Crew is phat.

Then we heard one of their members (Jesse Camac) was teaming with Scott Disick (Mason’s dad, Kard-carrying member of reality TV royalty, owner of a mirrored car) and Chris Reda to open Ryu in the MPD.

After wrapping our minds around the convergence, we investigated further. Turns out, the pairing works. See for yourself, starting tonight.

Ease in at the bar, where Crazy Legs (a man with dreadlocks) mixes yuzu-spiked cocktails. Once ensconced in a yellow leather booth, punch it with a bowl of gin, St-Germain, Lillet Rouge, and sparkling sake for six. Remind yourself that this is neither L.A. nor Miami and that eating is good.

Especially when the order includes chef Chris Whaley’s asparagus, fiddlehead fern, and ramp tempura; Kushi oysters; salmon tartare; and chicken meatball skewers sauced with teriyaki and egg yolk.

We’ll be one booth over sharing Kobe short ribs and intimate life details.

Try to keep up.

Ryu, 46 Gansevoort Street, at Ninth Avenue (212-776-1446).

Photo: Jordan Blumberg / DailyCandy

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46 Gansevoort St
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