VitFit Workout Programs Prevent Gym Fits

Get the most out of your gym membership

vitfit downloadable workout program!

Infomercial Announcer: No long-term commitment! No initiation fee!

Those touts from the gym finally hooked you; now what to do once you get there?

Philadelphia-based personal trainer Elizabeth Robinson gives it to you straight. Her downloadable workouts put an end to wondering if you should knock out another mile on the treadmill or power through more squats.

Complete the online assessment and once analyzed, you receive a customized calendar of routines. Each all-or-nothing program exhausts every muscle group (sorry, abs). Hum along to Stevie Wonder and Rod Stewart classics (“Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?”) as you bust out that last bicep curl.

Testimonial:She had us sweating in less than 30 minutes, not to mention sore the next day.” — DailyCandy

The Fine Print: May increase muscle tone, endurance, and flexibility. Decreases blank stares and the urge to flee after your first set of sit-ups.

Available online at myvitfit.com, $20 per month.

Photo: Blend Images / John Fedele / Getty Images