Desert Kicks for the Urban Jungle

Herbert Schier vellies

herbert schier desert boots!

Nature Documentary

Announcer: [in a hushed tone] We see the footwear lioness stalking her latest kill.

Announcer 2: What’s her prey?

A: She’s set her sights on Namibian kicks from Herbert Schier.

A2: Is she trailing the one-of-a-kind high-top or low-top lace-up desert boots, also known as vellies?

A: Likely both, made from kudu (antelope) leather. She’s especially keen on slaying a pair of neon-toed or blue-on-yellow pigskin, and patchwork cheetah-printed suede numbers (part of an exclusive collaboration with Opening Ceremony).

A2: The lioness appears patient.

A: Since eight master Damara craftsmen measure and vegetable dye only twenty pairs a day, delivery times are between four and eight weeks.

A2: She’s staying ahead of the pack.

Available online at schiershoes.com, $195-$380.

Photo: Jason Eric Hardwick / Courtesy of Herbert Schier