Screen Play: “Lovely Molly”

Prepare yourself; this one gets ugly

lovely molly!

Lovely she is — when she’s not palling around with the devil. Creator of a witch named Blair, Eduardo Sánchez mixes his pioneered first-person horror with a fresh ghost narrative, growling soundscape by prog-rock band Tortoise (who better for a slow burner, right?), and one hell of a scream queen. It’s an all-around challenging debut, most of which newcomer Gretchen Lodge spends muddy, strung out, or naked — and one we spent in a cold sweat, quietly repeating “Molly, you in danger, girl.”
It’s like: Repulsion meets The Silent House.
Take: Your main squeeze. (A hand/warm body/fluffy pillow, you will need.)
Premieres: May 18

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Photo: Courtesy of Image Entertainment