The Weekend Guide

apron anxiety!

Get cookin’, good lookin’.

Apron Anxiety
After losing her way in life, a self-professed kitchenphobe finds direction again when she bellies up to the stove. Serve with a beach umbrella and a side of sunscreen.
Why: In general, we don’t go for memoirs interspersed with recipes, but Alyssa Shelasky’s unpretentious prose leaves us hungry for more.
Where: Available at amazon.com, $11. 


What: The fast fashion site favored by one Duchess of Cambridge has finally made its way stateside. Peruse dozens of dresses (sortable by size and color), bags, belts, and scarves.
Why: This is your only (legitimate) chance to play princess again.
Where: Available at warehouse-london.com, $28-$150.

XA Charles Matchbooks

What: Krista Charles’s intricate, expert graphite renderings of real-life cityscapes and skylines fit in the palm of your hand.
Why: Choose from roadside diners, coastal motels, and exquisite gardens, all tucked inside books from whence they came.
Where: Available at etsy.com, $20-$60.

The new savvy app combs through the meaningless posts your friends share on Facebook and Twitter, finds stories that are actually news, and posts them in a clean, easy-to-read stream.  
The Paper Boy feature uses GPS to download info to your PDA once you embark on your daily commute.
Available at itunes.com, free.

Apotheke at Target
What: The little red bull’s-eye that could is expanding its beauty line with fruit-forward cleansers, tonics, and creams from Margot Elena, the wunderkind behind Love & Toast and Tokyomilk.
Why: Drink in exotic scents, including black currant fig, coconut jasmine, and mandarin guava.
Where: Available at target.com, $9-$13.

Photo: Courtesy of Three Rivers Press