Screen Play: “Oslo, August 31st”

Here comes the man in black

Sneak peek the Norwegian downer that’s getting high marks. And by downer, we mean a gripping look into the human spirit as it clings to that bottom rung. Critics are using words like stunning, devastating, and sensational to describe Joachim Trier’s festival-hopping sophomore feature about a man in black who’s living in the gray.

It’s all about Anders, a recovering drug addict finding depression and worthlessness in sobriety. Out of rehab for the day, he reconnects with the city that sent him over the edge in the first place, while you get to know the man who wants to forget himself. Releasing today, it’s showing at the IFC Center in NYC for now but will roll into more theaters in the coming weeks.

Find showtimes online at fandango.com. To see what else premieres this week, check out our May movie picks.

Photo: Courtesy of Strand Releasing