Editor's Pick: "Don't Break My Love" Prism by Nicolas Jaar

This album belongs in a museum

don't break my love!

Talented and smart (he just graduated from Brown) musician Nicolas Jaar concocts chill, down-tempo, indie-electro beats that make me feel worldlier than I am.

True to form, Jaar created an aluminum prism to play his latest release, Don’t Break My Love, back in April, but it has been back ordered for weeks. Until now.

My fiance and I just received the fragile little beauty in the mail. The music lives in a tiny, four-centimeter cube with a row of unmarked buttons. And damn, the audio is so vibrant and crisp it feels like it’s all around you. Jaar gave it an analog sound, resulting in far better quality than we’re used to with digital MP3 recordings.

It doesn’t come with instructions (if you must, you can find them on his site); just poke around and figure it out.

You’ll be that much cooler. — Stephanie, research editor (and musicphile)

Available at csa.fm, $40.

Photo: Shaun Regan for DailyCandy