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Little Pnuts toy subscription service launches

little pnuts!

If play is the work of a child, then knowing which toys to put in front of him is your job. (Additional responsibilities include, but are not limited to, food prep, managing sunblock application, and organizing sleep schedules.)

Outsource help from Little Pnuts, a new toy subscription service that sends developmentally appropriate playthings to your home four times a year.

Deliveries are categorized by age — infants (0 to 12 months), toddlers (12 to 36 months), and preschoolers (3 to 5 years) — and arrive with detailed information about how each toy helps your child master a different developmental milestone.

The boxes, which start shipping September 1, contain a thoughtful mix (three to five toys each) of organic, ecofriendly, handmade, and sustainable brands like Green Toys, Makedo, Haba, and Janod. All picks are powered by your kid’s imagination — no batteries required.

Good job, Mom.

Available at littlepnuts.com, starts at $25 per month or $240 per year.

Photo: Courtesy of Little Pnuts