Direct Message: Singer Matt Sucich

We hope he breaks a leg

matt sucich!

We first laid eyes on Matt Sucich at a co-worker’s wedding (he sang and played guitar during the ceremony). And it seems we’re not the only ones enamored by the New York-based singer/songwriter’s musical chops; he’s on the Bonnaroo bill this weekend. We grilled him (and wished him luck) before he hit the road.

Describe your sound in six words or less.

What’s your preshow ritual?
I like to make sure everything is in place for the set, and I have to flick the green-room light switch exactly fifteen times before I go on. But would you call that a ritual?

What’s your favorite candy?
Do Sugar-Free Popsicles count? I think I went through eighteen in one sitting the other day. I have no control, and my apartment gets really hot.

What’s your favorite song to play and why?
With the band, I’ve really enjoyed playing “The Bridge” for its lush arrangement, and I love where the piano goes. When I’m solo, lately it’s been the title track of my new record, “Layers” (fall 2012). But you should ask me this question again tomorrow.

Whom are you listening to right now?
This is another one of those ask-me-again-tomorrow questions. I haven’t been able to stop with the new Regina Spektor album. I think she’s such a smart writer.

What’s your drink?
Bourbon (Woodford or Maker’s, please) or Guinness.

Matt Sucich performs Saturday and Sunday at Bonnaroo Music Festival in Manchester, Tennessee (lineup.bonnaroo.com). Download “The Bridge” and “Supposing I Was Tough” at esmatteo.com.

Photo: Portrayable Photography / Courtesy of Matt Sucich