How to Multitask like a Star

The Aden + Anais Serenity Star

aden + anais!

Somewhere between midnight and 4 a.m. you found yourself lying in a puddle of breast milk and tears on the nursery floor saying, “I can’t do it all.”

You’re right. You can’t. And you don’t have to, thanks to the Serenity Star.

The latest product from Aden + Anais picks up where your overwhelmed mom brain trails off. Can’t remember when you fed baby last or on which boob she noshed? No worries. The Serenity Star knows. A simple push of a button (or two) and it tells you the last time she ate and from which side.

It’s also a night-light, clock, room temperature indicator, and sound machine — so you can dream feed without turning on the overhead, make sure the room is comfortable, and lull baby back to sleep without making so much as a shush.

Stash it on the side table next to your rocker or glider; it’s as pretty as it is functional.

Let this be your first lesson of motherhood, Ms. Multitasker: Sometimes you have to let it glow.

Available at adenandanais.com, $90.

Photos: Courtesy of Aden + Anais