Ebb & Flow Organic Soaps

Beauty supplies you'll want to show off

ebb & flow!

Your beauty routine is all about balance (pH, DIY brows, not impaling yourself mid-ladyscape).

News to the aesthetically off-kilter: Ebb & Flow soaps.

Fashion industry fabric designer Rupal Bhinda mixes her vegan, goat milk, and honey-based bars by hand, incorporating heavenly scents that both relax and invigorate.

Pomegranate pear (with real seeds), brown sugar fig (packed full of both), and lavender and flowers (a natural antiseptic, deodorant, and sunburn treatment in a single, simple bar) clean up nicely.

The soaps (along with equally lovely candles and gift sets) are wrapped in linen paper and knotted with twine and little dyed bouquets, resulting in a shower scene you’ll be proud to show off.

For once.

Available at ebbandflownyc.com or abchome.com, $18-$48.

Photo: Courtesy of Ebb & Flow NYC