Book Report: "Play These Games"

101 ways to make the most of a junk drawer

play these games!

If your calendar is correct, you’ve got a long way to go until back-to-school. Let us introduce you to Heather Swain. In her book Play These Games, the crafty mama shares activities you can MacGyver together with everyday items from your junk drawer.

To wit: the Mini-Marshmallow Popper. It takes less than 5 minutes to make and will keep the kids out of your hair for days.

Paper cup
Utility knife (for big hands only)
Rubber band
Mini marshmallows

1. Use the utility knife to cut the bottom out of the cup.

2. Without blowing up the balloon, tie a knot in the end, then snip off the top ½ inch.

3. Stretch the balloon over the bottom of the cup so that the knot is in the center of the hole, then secure it with a rubber band around the cup.

4. Load a marshmallow and fire away!

Play These Games is available at amazon.com, $11.

Photo: Courtesy of Perigee Trade