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Editor's Pick: Ted Allen's "In My Kitchen"

Get cookin'

ted allen in my kitchen!

I’m a Ted Allen superfan (as I demonstrated when I ran into him at the friends and family opening of NYC restaurant Nicoletta Pizzeria). And I was pleased to get my hands on a copy of his new cookbook, In My Kitchen.

In that kitchen there’s a whole lot of cooking going on. Not a fan of the dine and dash, Allen’s recipes are for those who genuinely enjoy making food and don’t mind putting in the time or effort. Inside you’ll find large photos of dishes like spaghetti and meatbrawls with serious Sunday gravy, goat cheese tartlets with spicy greens and plums, and grapefruit and Campari sorbet.

Cook up. — Emily, assistant editor

Available at amazon.com, $20.

Photo: Michele Taylor for DailyCandy