Screen Play: “To Rome with Love”

Check out the latest flick from the Woody Allen camp

From London, to Barcelona, to Paris, to — where the hell are we? It doesn’t look like Woody’s slowing down anytime soon. Just last year we were rubbing elbows with ghosts of literature’s past in the City of Light; this year we get the boot. So get on board. We’re headed to Roma for his latest global affair.

Settle in for a neuro-mantic comedy (what else, right?) that follows several couples into and out of predicaments abroad. You have a blonde tourist tempting a local, Italian newlyweds separated for the day, and a family man’s addiction to newfound fame.

But our favorite story line tracks a kind of love triangle made up of Monica (Ellen Page), Jack (Jesse Eisenberg), and Jack’s confidant, John (Alec Baldwin). Stay with us: A spoken-for Jack falls for his girlfriend’s visiting friend, Monica, while John, who might or might not be there, interrupts scenes to narrate on how everything will eventually play out for Jack (think Annie Hall).

It opened the L.A. Film Festival last week to some pretty stiff critics. We’re not saying this one will cast as lofty a spell as Midnight in Paris, but spending an afternoon bewitched in Rome never hurt anyone.

It’s like: Another stamp in Woody’s passport.
Take: Your baggage.
Premieres: Today

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Photo: Philippe Antonello / Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classic