Movies for a Cinematic Summer

Heat up (a bowl of popcorn) with one of these flicks

the essential movie list!The Essential Movie List
Our favorite movies never get old. Spend the night in front of the AC watching one of these reel gems.
july stunners!July Stunners
Marie Antoinette pals around with a writer, Danish men partake in a hilarious camping trip, and Matthew McConaughey takes a homicidal turn.
horror movies to die for!Horror Movies to Die For
Choose a hair-raising film (“Cabin Fever,” “Jenifer,” “Cape Fear”) scary enough to make you forget the summer heat.
june's top picks!June’s Top Picks
We found ten of June’s best independent films and one musical to rock on. Read about our picks, including “Beasts of the Southern Wild” (our indie on Oscar watch), “Safety Not Guaranteed,” and “Rock of Ages.”
summer!The dog days of summer aren’t even close to being over. Make each one count with 31 ideas for planning a picnic, sweet ice cream recipes, weekend getaways, and more.