Screen Play: “Ted” vs. “Magic Mike”

It’s raining men

We know what you’re doing tonight. But the real question is who? Two of summer’s highly anticipated flicks hit theaters today, but do you stand in line for Seth MacFarlane’s superbad buddy comedy or Steven Soderbergh’s disrobed dancing drama? You may find doubling up hits the spot (no judgment here).

Doing what The Beaver shoulda/woulda/coulda done, Seth MacFarlane reinvents the puppet show by removing the fluff and stuffing the script with dirty dialogue delivered by a furry friend. You’ve met John and his talking Teddy via the ubiquitous red band trailer. Now go behind the scenes for a restricted look at the tale of a guy who wants the girl but can’t let go of his boy (headphones are a must; F-bombs are dropping like Ruxpins back in the day).

Magic Mike
Step up to Channing Tatum’s latest, a stripped-down drama about a male dancer who takes a newbie under his chiseled wing. Even through the strobe and spotlights, laser beams and smoke machines, director Steven Soderbergh keeps that trademark yellowish haze — like he dropped the reel in the dust. Metaphorically. Rumor once had it he was on his way out — retirement, leave of absence, sabbatical, who knows — let’s just leave it at scuttlebutt and glimpse naked men at work below.

Find showtimes at fandango.com. To get a closer look at Ted and Magic Mike, check out our peep show. Wondering what else is showing? Flip through our picks for June’s best indie bets or get lost in Woody Allen’s To Rome with Love.