Pet-Friendly Spots and Supplies

Where to kick back with your four-legged friend

animal accoutrements!Animal Accoutrements
Tennis balls? Your pooch demands more. Treat her to a leather carrier, beach-friendly collar, artisan crackers, and other pet-pleasing finds.
work out the kinks!

Work Out the Kinks
You mastered the ear rub and the belly scratch. Time to move on to a legit massage as taught by a trained canine masseuse. (We couldn’t make that up.)

fido, unleashed!Fido, Unleashed
Pry your pup from his velvet-trimmed bed and take him to our favorite pet-friendly spots in New York, Chicago, L.A., and San Francisco. Just be sure to pack plenty of water.

turn tricks!

Turn Tricks
Sit. Roll over. Play dead. Old news, dear friends. Impress the pack when you frame your mutt’s work of art. Now that deserves a cookie.

summer!The dog days of summer aren’t even close to being over. Make each one count with 31 ideas for planning a picnic, sweet ice cream recipes, weekend getaways, and more.