Better than Nuggets: Probugs Frozen Kefir

A healthy way to push up

probugs push-ups!

I accept complete responsibility for introducing my kids to the joy of Push-Ups. I am a bad corn syrup mommy.

But really, that’s not what my kids care about. They care about the squeeze. For them, the fun of the whole endeavor is pushing up the tangy frozen treat so that it magically appears from the casing.

Let me redeem myself with ProBugs Frozen Kefir Pops. Each pop is packed with ten live and active probiotic cultures and natural ingredients. Calcium. Protein. It’s rich with both. The Orange Creamy Crawler, Strawnana Split, and Goo-Berry Pie flavors completely satisfy little taste buds. And since they need a little massaging to make the cold goodness appear, my kids call the wholesome treats push-ups. — Lindsey, Senior Kids Editor

Available at wholefoodsmarket.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Lifeway