Beautiful Dreamers Online Market

A Brooklyn-based bazaar

beautiful dreamers!

Patient: Doc, I’ve been having that dream again.

Doc: The one where you’re at an artisan marketplace, perusing wares you thought only existed in hipster fantasies (and on Pinterest boards)?

P: Yes, and then I come back to reality only to realize I don’t live in Brooklyn [tear trickles down cheek].

D: Please. Don’t you know what those people pay for rent? My advice: Visit Beautiful Dreamers’s new online shop. The Williamsburg boutique curates truly special vintage and modern jewelry, home decor, coffee-table books, clothes, photography, and more, all with a commitment to “authentic creative expression, sustainability, and creative integrity.”

Wow. Sounds like somebody’s been taking happy pills.

D: Right? Think of it as a trip to Brooklyn in a bottle.

P: Thanks, doc. Turns out happiness is right in my own backyard.

Available at beautifuldreamers.com, $16-$400.

Photo: Courtesy of Beautiful Dreamers