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Frozen Peanut Butter Pops Recipe

Pastry chef Thiago Silva's nutty dessert

peanut butter pops!

Frozen Peanut Butter Pops
Makes 60 to 70 tiny pops


For the pops
2 c. Skippy peanut butter
¾ c. corn syrup
¼ c. heavy cream
3¼ c. heavy cream, soft whipped
6 lg. egg whites
¾ c. superfine sugar
2 tsp. salt

For the dipping chocolate
1 c. bittersweet chocolate
1 c. cocoa butter
1 c. crunchies (sugar cones, finely mashed up)

1. In a bowl, mix peanut butter, corn syrup, unwhipped cream, and 1 cup soft-whipped cream. Set aside.

2. In another bowl, whisk egg whites until frothy (this can be done by hand or with a mixer). Gradually add sugar and whip until soft peaks form, like a French meringue.

3. Fold meringue into peanut butter mix, then fold in remaining soft-whipped cream and salt.

4. Fill pop molds with mixture. Freeze until hard enough to unmold and dip into chocolate (about 4 hours in a standard kitchen freezer).

5. Over a double boiler, melt chocolate and cocoa butter, stirring frequently. Let cool.

6. Add crunchies.

7. Dip pops into chocolate mix and serve.

To see chef Thiago Silva make this recipe, click here.