Screen Play: “The Imposter”

Check out the doc that has audiences saying, “Wuh?”

the imposter!

A blue-eyed, blond-haired, 13-year-old boy from San Antonio, Texas, goes missing. Three years and four months later, he’s found. By tourists. In a phone booth. In Spain. But wait; there’s more: Not only does he look older than should-be 16, he has brown eyes and speaks with a French accent.

Such is the bizarre gist of Bart Layton’s gripping documentary that invaded the festival circuit and hits theaters today. Seamlessly mixing first-person interviews with reenactments, Layton recounts the saga of Nicholas Barclay and the talented Mr. Ripley who consumed his identity.

But that’s just the beginning. Things get weirder, the twists and turns get crazier, and the head scratching gets harder. Bordering on unbelievable, it’s begging for a Hollywood remake.

Consider this the Hard Copy.

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