Help, Please: Finding a Nanny

DailyCandy chief correspondent and new mom SuChin Pak gets back to work

finding a nanny!

I’m going back to work soon and need to make sure my son is in good hands. Westside Nannies, a California-based nanny placement service, helped me get the process started.

What are some tips for finding a great nanny?

First and foremost, decide how you plan to find your nanny. Will it be through friends, on a child care website, or through an agency? Limit yourself to two sources of recruiting. Inundating yourself with candidate responses will only cause more anxiety.

When you think you have a strong pool of candidates, set aside time to conduct one-on-one interviews with your top three or four candidates in an environment where you feel comfortable. For many families, that’s home, but it could be a coffee shop, park, or restaurant.

When it comes time for interviews, be prepared. Compose a list of questions that are most important to your family. Remember: There are no questions you have to ask, and there is no question you can’t ask. However, we recommend asking about child care philosophy, references, criminal history, and driving record. Though this might seem like common sense, you’d be shocked by how many parents skip the tough questions.

Photo: Alexandra Grablewski / Getty Images