Currer Bell's British Bohemian Clothes

A new line from the Geren Ford founder

curer bell!

For the last few weeks, the national attention span has rested somewhere between Michael Phelps’s swimming trunks and Pippa Middleton’s skinny jeans.

New transatlantic fashion label Currer Bell hits much closer to home.

The co-founders, L.A.-based designer Geren Lockhart (of silky dress fame) and UK textile queen Nancy Parker, named the line for Charlotte Brontë’s pseudonym, and pieces (quite fittingly) rep the best of both worlds.

Think a little bit boho, a little bit vintage — with a twist of British social club. Slip into sleek feather-printed wrap dresses and maxidresses with graduated hemlines and retro, sheer-sleeved minifrocks. Yoked tanks and two-tone oxford tops make mixing, matching, and layering the entire line a snap.

No matter who’s working it.

Available at scoopnyc.com, $152-$368. To see styles, go to currer-bell.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Currer Bell