Vote for the DailyCandy-Curated 2012 Tubey Awards

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2012 tubey awards!

Fact: The average American spends about 36 hours per week watching television.

Fact: We DailyCandy editors spend twice as much time postulating Downton Abbey backstories, scrutinizing True Blood scenes, and verbally inserting ourselves into Bunheads leotards like our lives depended on it.

This week, we’re thrilled to help snarky-smart TV blog Television Without Pity kick off its annual 2012 Tubey Awards with nods to Best Wardrobe/Style and Creepiest Alexander Skarsgård Moment. (What can we say? We know how to pick ’em.) 

Starting today, it rolls out 80 reader-vetted polls devoted to the best, worst, and just plain weirdest moments and clips from the small screen. We narrowed down the nominations, and now it’s your turn to vote. Summer reruns or no, this should keep you glued to your seats all season.

Photo: Lambert / Getty Images