The Weekend Guide


Hand it over.

Caravana Montaecristo
Style destination L-atitude launches a leather and linen collection by of-the-moment Mexico City label Hacienda Montaecristo.
Why: Battered leather-trimmed duffels, weekenders, and tablet cases are worth the spend. Impossibly soft linen scarves are almost worth a trip.
Where: Available at latitude.com, $40-$450.

Nicolux Jewelry
Georgia-born designer Jocelyn Negron twists metal chains, neon spandex, and braided rope into statement-making necklaces and bracelets.
Why: Get hot under these collars.
Where: Available at nicoluxinc.com, $18-$58.

Snapshot Cookies

What: Simple sugar squares come to life with your own Instagram-worthy photo-on-fondant prints.
Why: With 15 percent of the net proceeds from every purchase going to the charity of your choice, they’re one sweet deal.
Where: Available at bakingforgood.com.


What: The beautifully curated virtual pantry promises to pop up “now and then, when the stars align, and when the products are just right.” One click, and we’re hungry for more.
Why: Shop end-of-summer kitchen supplies (from vintage paella pans and churned honey to picnic knives) then sign up for upcoming sale alerts.
Where: Available at quitokeeto.com, $19-$270.

Pop Art Popcorn

What: Founding couple Venessa and Michael Dobson crisscross the gourmet map perfecting exotic flavor mixes for their small-batch line.
Why: Wash down white pepper Parmesan with beer or lemonade; try rosemary truffle as a Tuscan dinner party starter.
Where: Available at popart.com, $4.50.

Photo: Courtesy of L-atitude