Jack Henry New York Women's Wear

Dude looks like a lady

jack henry new york!

Pop quiz time.

A respectable lady should try her hand at drag:
a) When she’s just that desperate to hop on the boys’ wear bandwagon.
b) On Halloween, on stage, or in the privacy of her own home.

Answer either of the above, and it’s clear you don’t know Jack.

Jack Henry New York designer Lauren Giambalvo debuted menswear in 2009 but, finally, gave in to her feminine side (and endless retail requests) this season.

Shrunken floral and lace blazers are more than schoolboy inspired: Matching shorts and sleeveless button-downs are work-to-play uniforms in the making; sheer blouses and a boxy cropped sweatshirt pair equally well with patterned cigarette pants or the single day dress among the bunch.

It’s an impressive set.

Available at ilikewhatyourewearing.com, $135 and up. To see styles, go to jackhenrynewyork.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Jack Henry New York