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Austin Sugarworks Artisanal Sugar Cubes

Our latest confection obsession

austin sugarworks!

Hey, honey,

I know this will come as a shock, but I’m just going to say it: I’m sweet on someone new.

I’ve fallen for Austin Sugarworks.

Yes, I know you’re good for me. But founder Elayne Crain sculpts flavor-infused sugar cubes into teensy lion heads, flower petals, and Victorian booties, for goodness sakes. (And, for the record, everything from her charming lemon and lime slices to her baby pink roses are colored with vegetable dyes.)

Speaking of mixing things up, Crain’s peppermint snowflakes, absinthe stars, and vanilla and rosewater blooms don’t just melt in the mouth — they dissolve the second you drop them into a hot cup of coffee.

She’s the flavor of the week.


Available at austinsugarworks.com, $20 and up.

Photo: Sasha Haagensen Photography / Courtesy of Austin Sugarworks