A Facial That Involves a Scalpel

Dermaplaning sounds bad, looks good

dr. andrea trowers!

Watching slasher flicks is one thing, but paying someone to come at your face with a blade is a whole other story.

Aesthetician Nena Valyi promises not to wear a hockey mask when giving you baby-soft skin.

In a process called dermaplaning — which is not as scary as it sounds — she holds a surgical scalpel at a 45-degree angle and gently scrapes dead skin and peach fuzz from your forehead, cheeks, and around your mouth.

Then you get a microdermabrasion, followed by a glycolic or lactic acid peel and a good steaming. Toss in extractions and a little dry ice to minimize redness, and you’re ready to greet the world — with sunscreen, of course.

Eventually the fine hairs grow back.

But that whole thicker and darker business is about as real as Jason Voorhees.

Dr. Andrea Trowers, 1801 Northeast 123rd Street, suite 417, North Miami (305-899-2511 or andreatrowersdermatology.com). One treatment is $160.

Photo: Courtesy of Dr. Andrea Trowers

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